FANUC America Introduces Two New Robots in Automotive Body Structure Joining Demonstration at Fabtech 2015

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich., Nov. 9, 2015 – FANUC America Corporation will introduce the new M-900iB/280 and M-20iB/25 robots in an automotive body structure joining demonstration during Fabtech, Nov. 9-12 at McCormick Place, Chicago, booth #N-14025.

At the show, a new M-20iB/25 robot will pick a reinforcement plate from a fixture, use iRVision® to locate it in the gripper, and place it on the inside of a fixtured automotive door panel. Next, the new M-900iB/280 will simulate a flow form screw (FFS) joining process on the plate and door. The M-20iB/25 will then pick the plate from the door, place it back on the nest and the process repeats.

“We’re showcasing FANUC’s leadership in integrated process control for alternative joining techniques and mixed materials,” said Tim Holcomb, body structure engineer, FANUC America. “Whether it’s clinching, tacking, self-pierced rivet (SPR), FFS, or mixed materials, we have a solution.”

FANUC Intelligent M-900iB/280 Robot

The new FANUC M-900iB/280 is a heavy payload material handling robot with a 2.65 meter reach. The robot’s casting shape has been optimized to provide enhanced arm rigidity compared to previous models. It features the same speed and motion range as the M-900iB/360.

The new M-900iB/280 offers a compact wrist with heavy payload capacity and is designed for industries that require precision and rigidity such as aerospace and powertrain components, engines, truck and bus frames, various castings, molded parts, glass, and building materials.

The M-900iB/280, like all FANUC robots, operates with the company’s latest R-30iB controller with integrated intelligent functions such as integrated vision, ROBOGUIDE Simulation, and DCS Speed and Position Check Software.

FANUC Intelligent M-900iB Robot Series - key features and benefits

  • The M-900iB series offers a 280 kg to 700 kg payload capacity
  • “Best-in-class” payload and speed combination
  • Allowable load inertia at the wrist is enhanced to handle super heavy products with stability
  • Rigid arm offers stable transferring of heavy payloads
  • Wrist is IP67 protected for operation in harsh environments
  • Built-in iRVision
  • Reduces costs associated with fixed automation

FANUC Intelligent M-20iB/25 Robot

FANUC America’s new M-20iB/25 is a six-axis material handling robot designed to handle parts in a variety of applications such as material removal, machine load/unload, assembly, picking/packaging and part transfer.

The new robot offers a rigid and compact design with a sealed structure (integrated utilities and motors), and a rear or bottom exit for cables. The entire robot is rated IP67, allowing it to withstand harsh environments.

The robot has a slim arm which minimizes interference with peripheral equipment, a long reach of 1853 mm, and a 21% increase in axis speed compared to the previous model.

M-20iB/25 key features and benefits

  • Six-axis design with 25 kg payload
  • Completely enclosed design, making the entire robot sealed and IP67 protected to withstand unique/harsh environments
  • Internally routed utilities offering solenoid valves, camera cables, Ethernet, ASi cable, force and 3DL sensor cable, and EE utility
  • Slim arm and compact foot print minimizes interference to peripheral devices in tight work spaces
  • Flexible floor, ceiling and angle mounting options
  • Highly rigid bilateral design, and the most advanced servo technology enable smooth motion at high speeds
  • Supports FANUC’s latest intelligent features including iRVision and force sensing

FANUC iRVision

FANUC iRVision is a truly integrated, plug-and-go vision system that runs on the standard CPU of every FANUC R-30iB controller without any additional hardware. A single source solution developed and supported by FANUC, iRVision offers easy setup and operation for factory environments requiring 2D and 3D guidance, error proofing, visual tracking, and quality control – all with FANUC’s world-renowned reliability.

R-30iB and R-30iB Mate Controller

The FANUC R-30iB and R-30iB Mate Controller use high-performance hardware and the latest advances in network communications, integrated iRVision, and motion control functions. The R-30iB Controllers feature FANUC’s exclusive and easy-to-use iPendant with 4D graphics. The iPendant displays process information and the actual process path directly on the iPendant screen, enabling easier setup and troubleshooting.

Based on the latest FANUC Series 30iB CNC Controller, the R-30iB and R-30iB Mate Robot Controllers are compact, providing customers a significant space savings. The R-30iB Mate Controller, available with a compact rack-style open-air controller cabinet, or an industrial grade standard Mate cabinet, is very energy efficient and requires less power consumption due to its availability in both single-phase and three-phase versions. The R-30iB Controller offers an optional power regeneration feature.

About FANUC America Corporation

FANUC America Corporation is a subsidiary of FANUC CORPORATION in Japan, and provides industry-leading robotics, CNC systems, and factory automation. FANUC’s innovative technologies and proven expertise help manufacturers in the Americas maximize efficiency, reliability and profitability.

FANUC America is headquartered at 3900 W. Hamlin Road, Rochester Hills, MI 48309, and has facilities in: Atlanta; Boston; Charlotte; Chicago; Cincinnati; Cleveland; Dallas; Indianapolis; Los Angeles; Minneapolis; Montreal; Pine Brook, NJ; San Francisco; Toronto; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Aguascalientes, and Mexico City, Mexico. For more information, please call: 888-FANUC-US (888-326-8287) or visit our Also, connect with us onYouTube, Twitter,Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

FANUC America Corporation PR contact:

Cathy Powell
Industry Marketing Manager – Robotics and ROBODRILLs
FANUC America Corporation
T: 248-377-7570

Derek Sheedy
Marketing Communications Specialist - CNC
FANUC America Corporation
T: 847-898-5679


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